COVID-19 -- A Phase 1 Message to Membership

Dear Member,

There are varying opinions on whether Atlee Recreation should open its waters to members during Phase 1 of the Commonwealth’s reopening. Phase 1 has several mandated requirements that impact our ability to operate reasonably within our means. Our standard operating procedures will undergo significant changes as we implement social distancing policies, limited capacity restrictions, and new cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Difficult times and shifted priorities accompany the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it comes as no surprise that our membership renewal rate is lower in comparison to years past. We aim to be good stewards of your membership dues while acting in the best interest of the association at large. We are a seasonal business and most of our expenses are directly related to operating the pool during the summer, which primarily involves employing staff and maintaining the pool (e.g., chemicals, pump, utilities). Additionally, we have year-round expenses that include building maintenance and equipment repair, grounds upkeep, service fees, property taxes, insurance coverage costs, and utilities.

With all of this in mind opening the facility during Phase 1 is not a fiscally prudent action. We do not currently have the funds to operate the pool in such limited use restrictions (one person per lane and no lounge seating) that are currently mandated. Our goal is to open the pool safely and effectively during Phase 2 and beyond.

The board will stay updated on Phase 2 requirements and keep the members informed regarding our progress with opening. We will also need to factor in our membership numbers and available funds to evaluate our operational status at that time. Once Phase 2 details are released we will be able to determine if refunds or credits are necessary.

If we want to see ARA survive and thrive in 2020 and for generations to come, then we need to act responsibly now.

Please direct any questions to the board of directors at [email protected] or specific questions regarding membership to [email protected]. Additionally, follow us on Facebook to stay informed regarding this season.

Be safe and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend.

Be well,
ARA Board of Directors