COVID-19 -- Phase 3 Status

Updated 07/07/2020

Dear Member,

The swim program has now been running for two weeks and Atlee Rec is enjoying the activity. It is great to see kids and adults of our community getting back in the water and being physically active. During this time we have been operating under the Phase 2 guidelines; however, the commonwealth recently progressed to Phase 3 on July 1.

Currently, we do not have plans to open the pool under Phase 3. Our membership numbers are significantly reduced and therefore our funds are still limited. Please understand that our association is completely funded by voluntary annual membership, and we receive no other sources of income. We do not want to rush into an unpredictable situation as the coronavirus is still prevalent and we err on the side of caution. 

We need to determine our options regarding operational hours, available resources for COVID-19 compliance, and how we will adjust membership options under these circumstances. 

This doesn’t mean we are opposed to the possibility of opening the pool, just that we are not going to immediately open for recreational swimming. We will announce a plan regarding our opening for the remainder of the summer no later than July 15.

Our primary goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for our members and staff. 

Most of us are looking for some normalcy and summer pool time is a favorite. We will direct our efforts into opening for our members if at all realistically possible within our means. 

Please direct any questions regarding membership to [email protected]

Be well,
ARA Board of Directors